Kids Get to See Wild Turkey Ahead of Thanksgiving

November 6, 2019

Diane Sand, Education Information Coordinator with Crawford Soil & Water Conservation District, came in to the Primary building on November 6th and 7th to talk to the students about wild turkeys ahead of Thanksgiving in a few weeks.

Sand brought in a taxidermy wild turkey to show the kids what they look like, and showed them pictures of farm turkeys to show them the difference between the two. She told them that the turkeys raised on farms are the ones that people eat for Thanksgiving.

She also taught the kids things that they can look for to differentiate between the male and female wild turkeys, such as the males are bigger with red heads, prettier feathers, a "beard," and other distinguishing features. The kids were shown pictures of what the baby turkeys look like and what the egg would look like.

Other things the kids learned were turkeys’ diets when they’re young vs. when they’re adults, their different calls, where they typically live, and how long they usually live.

After the half-hour presentation on the turkey, Sand had a turkey foot and feathers for the kids to feel as a reward for being good listeners.

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