The Galion City Schools preschool program registers children throughout the school year. Our program will promote a “hands on” learning environment that aligns with the Ohio state preschool content standards in the areas of language arts, math,science and social studies.

The Galion City Schools Preschool operates a morning and afternoon program, Monday through Thursday. The preschool services both 3 and 4 year olds.

Upon enrollment, all families of registered students must complete the ASQ-3, which is a developmental checklist. The parent or guardians will complete the ASQ-3 at the time of enrollment. If areas of concern are noted, families will be contacted for follow up. Students are assessed and if a student has special needs, then our preschool will provide speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy services as indicated by the student’s Individualized Education Plan.

Preschool tuition is based on a sliding fee scale and will range from $.00 to $110.00 a month. If your child qualifies for services under an (IEP) Individualized Education Plan, the tuition fee will be waived. Tuition fees are based on the Free and Reduced Lunch application. Snacks will be served daily. Transportation provided for those students that qualify. A $10.00 registration fee is charged at the time of application for registration.

Enrollment Registration packets are available at Galion Primary School 478 Portland Way North Galion, Ohio 44833. Please contact the Primary Office at  419-468-4010  for more information.


Additional Information from the Handbook

The Galion City Schools Preschool Program has served special needs preschool aged children for many years. The preschool program expanded in the fall of 2008 by serving additional children that are typically developing.  All preschool children will participate in a vision, hearing, and speech screening as well as the ESI (Early Screening Inventory) before entering the program.  The ESI will help determine if any additional services are needed.  

This program will promote hands on learning opportunities that align with the state preschool content standards in the areas of Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies.

Each child will be required to have a physical and dental evaluation on file.  Snacks will be served daily. Tuition will be charged.

Preschool Diapering and Pull-ups


  1. If a child is still in need of diapers/pull-ups, it is the parents' responsibility to provide the diapers/pull-ups as well as wipes. Please mark packages with your child's name.

  2. Diapers or clothing used during diaper changing will be stored in a space assigned exclusively for each child's belongings. Soiled clothing and/or diapers shall be sent home daily.

  3. The changing of diapers for all non-toilet trained children shall occur in a space that contains a hand washing facility.

  4. The central diaper changing station or crib shall be disinfected after each diaper change with an appropriate germicidal agent.


Preschool Student Illness

The following precautions shall be taken for children suspected of having a communicable disease:


  1. The program shall immediately notify the parent of guardian of the child's condition when a child has been observed with signs or symptoms of illness.

  2. A child with any of the following signs or symptoms or illness shall be immediately isolated and discharged to his parent or guardian:

    1. Diarrhea (more than one abnormally loose stool within a twenty-four hour period);

    2. Severe coughing, causing the child to become red or blue in the face or to make a whooping sound;

    3. Difficult or rapid breathing;

    4. Yellowish skin or eyes;

    5. Conjunctivitis;

    6. Temperature of one hundred degrees Fahrenheit taken by the auxiliary method when in combination with other signs of illness;

    7. Untreated and/or infected skin patch;

    8. Unusually dark urine and/or gray or white stool;

    9. Stiff neck;

    10. Evidence of lice, scabies or other parasitic infestation.

3. A child with any of the following signs or symptoms of illness shall be immediately   isolated from other children. Decisions regarding whether the child should be discharged   immediately or at some other time during the day shall be determined by the principal and/or school nurse and the parent or guardian. The child, while isolated at the program, shall be carefully watched for symptoms listed in paragraph (2) of this Rule as well as the following:

    1. Unusual spots or rashes;

    2. Sore throat or difficulty in swallowing;

    3. Elevated temperature;

    4. Vomiting.

4. A child isolated due to suspected communicable disease shall be :

    1. Cared for in a room or portion of a room not being used in the preschool program;

    2. Within sight and hearing of an adult at all times. No child shall ever be left alone or unsupervised;

    3. Made comfortable and provided with a cot. All linens and blankets used by the ill child shall be laundered before being used by another child.  After use, the cots shall be disinfected with an appropriate germicidal agent, or, if soiled with blood, feces, vomit or other body fluids, the cots shall be cleaned with soap and water and then disinfected with an appropriate germicidal agent;

    4. Observed carefully for worsening condition; and

    5. Released to parent, guardian, or person designated by the parent or as soon as practical.

5. Upon returning from a communicable illness:

    1. The child should be free of any symptomology.

    2. If the child has needed medical attention during the illness, then a release from the physician may be provided.

    3. If there should be a question regarding the health status of the child, the school nurse will be consulted to aid in the determination of any further actions.

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