Galion Primary School “Pawsitive” supports and the Color Code of Conduct


Students are rewarded for their “Pawsitive” Behavior by participating in weekly Friday Club activities and other Positive Behavioral Intervention supports. Most of the time, this will include an extra recess, but may include some surprise activities such as a movie, popcorn, ice cream or a visit from a special guest. Students look forward to these incentives and enjoy the recognition. Students have the opportunity to earn “Pawsitive” tickets throughout the week that are pulled for weekly drawings. The student’s names are selected and prizes are awarded. We ask that our families support our Color Code of Conduct and reinforce our “Pawsitive” Behavior incentives so our students understand that their family and school are working together to provide a safe and positive learning environment for all students.


Color Code of Conduct at Galion Primary School

The entire code of conduct can be found HERE