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Grooming - One of the first impressions you get of your fellow students at a Galion Primary School is the pride they take in neatness and appearance. The school administration, faculty, and most students are convinced that appropriately dressed students are better students. We require no uniform standard of dress, but we do insist that our students do not call undesirable attention to themselves by an immodest appearance, unkempt appearance, or any other form of exaggerated clothing styles or hairdos. Appropriate wearing apparel for the existing weather conditions is expected of all who attend a Galion Elementary School, along with acceptable standards of grooming. Therefore, the following guidelines will be enforced:

  1. All students will exercise sound hygienic practices: clean body, hair, and clothing.

  2. Shoes or sandals are to be worn by all students while on the school grounds.

  3. Flip-flops, platform, high heels, and skate shoes are not to be worn to school. These can cause serious accidents on steps and while on the playground.

  4. Halter and tank tops are not to be worn and students will be asked to cover their shoulders.

  5. Clothing that bares the midriff is not to be worn by boys and girls during school hours.

  6. Clothing with inappropriate, demeaning, threatening, and /or gory slogans or illustrations is not to be worn.

  7. Hats are not to be worn in school. Kerchief and forehead bands are considered hats. This rule applies to both boys and girls.

  8. Students are not to wear overcoats or out-of-door coats in classrooms or during class except during a school energy crisis.

  9. Dangling earrings are prohibited and shall not be worn at school.

  10. Baggy pants and pants that are worn below the waistline are not permissible. Belts should be worn when needed.

  11. Makeup may not be worn in the primary grades. Glitter, temporary tattoos, and face paint are prohibited during school hours.

  12. Exaggerated hairstyles and temporary hair color that call attention to or disrupt the learning environment are prohibited.

  13. Excessive piercing is not permitted such as nose and eyebrows or other piercings that call attention to or disrupt the learning environment. Students are not permitted to wear large hoop earrings or earrings that dangle.

  14. No temporary tattoos or body sprinkles are to be worn on the face, hands, arms, legs or visible areas.


     Parents or guardians will be notified when a violation in the dress code occurs. Parents will be asked to bring appropriate clothing to school and/or to remedy the problem by following the dress code.


Any violation of the above-mentioned guidelines shall be due cause for suspension. The school administration has the authority to make final interpretation of the dress guidelines.



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