2022 Galion retirees

The Galion City Schools held its annual staff appreciation banquet at The Hub at Village Square on May 27. The district honored an array of staff members for their years of care and commitment to the children of the Galion community.

The district recognized its retirees, who take with them more than 330 years of service combined with Galion students. The 2021-2022 retirees include Kathryn Alguire (36 years), Rhonda Cole (24 years), Rodney Dean (23 years), Roxann Ramsey (36 years), Donna Shipley (21 years), Ronald Smucker (7 years), Sue Stark (31 years), Cheryl Walter (27 years), Doris Weals (26 years), Tracie Wittibslager (35 years), Mira Zeisler (31 years), and Mike Schaffner (36 years).

Additional staff members were recognized for 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 years of service in the district. Recipients and their years of service include (1 year) Caitlyn Cannon, Kathleen Davis, Kaitlin Endsley, Matthew Eusey, Sarah Fraizer, Kimberly Garver, Katherine Guy, David Hall, Jeffrey Jones, Shannon King, Jane Kundu, Jeffrey McKee, Felicity Melendez, Tanya Morningstar, Jessica Price, Tasha Stanton, Emily Sycks, Luke Warkall, Olivia Tanner, Brenda Stough; (5 years) Jason Bash, Tina Crim, Lucinda Edgell, Stacey Harding, Ed Kincade, Kristin Lehman, Kyle Mann, Elizabeth Volz, Melisa Watters; (10 years) Dianna Danner; (15 years) Cay Faulkner, Charles Miller; (20 years) Ashlee Cuttitta, Thelma Huntsman, Amy Johnson, Heidi Rietschlin, Rashan Rush, Christine Smith, Sarah Wegesin; (25 years) Janice Cass, Troy Yunker; (30 years) Cindy Conner, Julie Human; (35 years) Tracie Wittibslager; (45 years) Marsha Rundell.

Staff members were also recognized for perfect attendance during the 2020-2021 school year, which included: Kyle Baughn, Thelma Huntsman, Leslie Justice, Terri Keckler, Marsha Rundell, Freddy Beachy, Dawn Hunter

 “It is important that we take the time to recognize these staff members, as well as all our staff, for their hard work and dedication in helping our Tigers,” Galion Superintendent Jennifer Allerding said. “We have an amazing group of staff members, and I would like to thank all those recognized for their many years of service to children in the Galion community.”