Buddy Bench

Galion teachers, community members and students have come together to complete a great project. 

We are excited to announce that in October our Buddy Bench was completed and was installed, ready to be used on our Primary playground!  During "Kindness Week" in the 2021-22 school year, the  Student Lighthouse Team, who are now our current 3rd graders, raised funds to purchase a bench for students to sit on.   Our students are taught to invite anyone who sits on the Buddy Bench to play with them. This helps teach our kids about kindness and inclusion with the hope that new friendships are created on the playground. A huge thank you goes out to Aleta Rowe, 2nd grade teacher and Student Lighthouse Team Advisor, Doug Shifley, who donated and built the bench, Issac Keinath, High School Teacher, and Xander Cooper, Galion High School Senior, who lasered the paws and words. We are so excited for this addition to our playground.